GraphQL on the server and client - Brussels

September 26, 2018 Secure a place
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Get ready to forget about REST, because GraphQL is the hot new craziness when it comes to APIs. In this workshop, we’ll focus on the server side and the client side. On the server side, we'll navigate the breadth of tooling available in the expanding GraphQL ecosystem. We’ll start by getting a GraphQL server up and running, and focus on exploring real-world patterns for architecting our schema and practical steps to improve query performance, error handling and caching. On the client side, We’ll connect our server to a React application with Apollo Client. Also, we’ll explore how to leverage the cache for efficient updates and dive into the limitless customization options available using tools like Apollo Link. Finally, we'll cover practical tips for using React Apollo to build queries through fragment composition and query components.

Meet your coach

Kristijan Ristovski a.k.a Kitze Kitze is a developer with over 7 years of experience. He had the chance to work and experiment with a variety of languages and frameworks. He created and, both of which skyrocketed in popularity within the first week of launch. Also he is the creator and maintainer of few popular open source libraries like mobx-router and custom-react-scripts. His passion is to learn and teach new technologies, so he tries to share that knowledge as much as possible. You can learn more about Kitze here.